Avoid The Anti-Spam Crackdown! Protect Your Business Now.

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What would your business be like if you couldn't communicate by email any longer?

What if all your emails went into spam?

What can you do to avoid spam jail?

hat can you do to avoid spam jail?

Learn more now!

Join host Lynn Sanders of Difference Makers Media, as she interviews guest expert in online automation, Rita Thomas, known as "The Funnel Godmother" of Rita Thomas Enterprises.

Rita has many years of experience in making businesses profitable online through automation, and her news is urgent for all businesses.

Here's what you need to know: Google and Yahoo are starting a major anti-spam crackdown SOON.

When you send out emails that don't get opened, your emails can ultimately be marked as "SPAM!"

That's right -- you can be known in the eyes of Google and Yahoo as a spammer! And once you are, there is not much you can do about it... unless you take action now to become compliant.

Whether you have old email addresses or others that are unopened, if you keep sending out emails that don't get opened, you can get labeled as a spammer in the eyes of Google and Yahoo.

What repercussions are in store?

What can you do to become compliant?

What action do you need to take?

Rita answers these questions and does even more.

You're invited to attend the replay of her free masterclass.   Register at: https://bit.ly/EmailJail.

Avoid the anti-spam crackdown while you can.

We all need to stay out of spam jail!

To be considered as a future guest on The Difference Makers, contact Lynn Sanders, The Story Empowerment Coach at Difference Makers Media.

Connecct with Lynn at:  https://DifferenceMakersMedia.com



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