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The Nonprofit Exchange Interviews

The New Leadership Playbook - Being Human Whilst Successfully Delivering Accelerated Results
The New Leadership Playbook - Being Human Whilst Successfully Delivering Accelerated Results
How Being a Faithful Business Servant Empowers Your Mission:Interview with Vince Baker
Food for Families
Extraordinary Leadership Seminar
Bank On Yourself for Nonprofits with Mark Willis, CFP
Why Use a Benefit Auctioneer:Interview with Dean Crownover
Why Rotary International Has Provided Four Billion In Grants To Date with Martin Mongiello

Parting Lessons from Zig Ziglar


Ever meet someone who leaves a lasting impression forever?

You might connect briefly or know someone over many years.  Yet, that heart-to-heart connection is felt deeply.  And you never forget.

Zig Ziglar was one of those people.  While I only spoke with him once in person, I heard him speak on stage several times.  He was one of the most…

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How to Make Friends with Your Mind

Do you sometimes feel that things seem to "happen to you?" Life is filled with many occurrences that seem to defy explanation. Some of us seem to struggle in every area of our lives, while others appear to breeze through with everything falling into place. The latter group is made up of people who are happy most of the time. So, what's the secret? Are some of us destined to have better fortune that others? Did they get instruction book outlining the methods to find fulfillment in their…

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A Lawyer's Spiritual Defense

Sometimes the best resistance to a sense of “raging chaos” is non-resistance

A good and spiritual friend of mine once posed the question: “How do you resist insanity?”

Then she answered her own question.

“The only way for me, as an individual, to resist is to hold on to who I am amidst all of the forces that want to turn me into something else.”

At first, I thought: “What a wonderful answer! It truly is all about staying…

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Leadership Traps to Avoid

Leadership Traps to Avoid
By Hugh Ballou

After having spent over 40 years in ministry work serving churches from 120 to 12,000 in membership, I am aware that I made many mistakes and the size of the organization does not matter. Each failure was an opportunity to learn. As the saying…

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5 Leadership Myths That Kill Entrepreneurial Ventures

Hugh Ballou

The Law of the Lid

Your leadership is like a lid or a ceiling on your organization. Your church or business will not rise beyond the level your leadership allows. That’s why, when a corporation or team needs to be fixed, they fire the leader. - John Maxwell

Starting and maintaining a profitable enterprise as an entrepreneur…

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Become a Better Leaders

Become a Better Leader in 31 Days

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Donor Relations: How to Stay In Touch with Donors

Donors give money to create impact – making a difference. Often we only thank them at the time of the donation, but don’t stay in touch, then next year when asking for another donation they find excused to opt-out of giving again. It’s important to have a donor relations person managing a donor relations process through a system, which often includes software – a contact management software. How to you stay in touch with donors? What method (email, US Mail, phone, meetings and visits, etc.)?…

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How to Engage and Inspire Board Members

In my experience, board members are engaged during the strategic planning process, If they think of it, then they will see that it gets done…with one condition, there must be an action plan with 1) Action Item; 2) Champion (Who gets it done); and 3) Action Date (start date, completion date, draft copy date, etc) What are other ways you see to engage board members? What have you tried and worked? and What didn’t work?

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1 Reply · Reply by Russell Dennis May 31