A true miracle story

A true miracle story

I'd like to share a true miracle story.

It's the story of an amaryllis bulb, hidden away for at least a year... that has grown despite the odds.

You see, I received this "bulb in a box" as a gift from my dear friend, the late Reverend Kathy Dale McNair, who passed away last November from ALS.   Kathy was one of my closest friends, beloved by so many people.

At the time -- while she could still speak -- she urged me to plant the bulb quickly.  It came with a separate container and peat moss.  She told me that if I didn't plant it soon, it might not live. 

Did I plant it?  Unfortunately, no...

I was worried that I wouldn't get it right.  Concerned that I couldn't get it to grow.  Maybe I'd do it later... 

So I just put it aside.  I forgot about it.  

Then, we moved and I saw the amaryllis gift box again.  I doubted it would live, but I had to pack it away and take it with us.

We're still unpacking from our move a few weeks ago.  When I came across the box, I still had my doubts.  

But this time, I decided to take action. 

I opened up the box, unfolded the directions, and pulled out a forlorn, shriveled bulb. 

It looked so sad.  Hidden in the dark for a year.  Wouldn't anyone care for it?  Was there even a chance it could grow?

My husband said, "It's never going to live... it looks dead... why not just throw it away?"

How could I do that?  It was Kathy's gift to me.  So I followed the instructions (not that difficult after all),                                                                                                       placed the bulb in the peat moss, watered it, and gently placed it by the window on our kitchen table.

I hoped... I gave it a chance.  I believed it might happen.

It took just a few days.  One tiny green shoot timidly emerged. 

Then another... and another... 

And now -- it's literally reaching out its arms to say,


Isn't life like that?  Throwing us curve balls... challenges... 

Do we decide to move forward and take a leap of faith?  

Or do we choose to shrivel up and never give ourselves a chance?

It's totally up to us.  No matter what happens, we get to decide our thoughts.

And the thoughts we choose have repercussions that can make all the difference in our lives.

I invite you to reflect on your challenges right now. 

What can you do to take a leap of faith and move forward?

Whatever you decide, please remember -- there is greatness inside you!




P.S.  I"m here for you.  If you want help in bringing out your stories -- from videos to articles to books to promotion, reach out to me. 
If I can't help you, I'll be glad to connect you with someone who can.  We're all in this world together! 
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