Hi!  I'm Lynn Sanders, Founder/CEO and The Difference Maker at Difference Makers Media, where we empower business leaders and nonprofit organizations through their stories, using coaching, writing, speaking and promoting.  Our work has helped generate 6-figure donations, double memberships and attract a significant number of followers on social media.

We all have stories.  And as I like to say -- We all make a difference, and we get to choose what kind of difference we want to make."

One of my greatest regrets was not capturing enough of my mother on video before she suddenly passed away from a heart attack at age 73.  I only had one professionally done 8-minute video -- which was part of a client's project on stories during the Depression.  You can watch it here:

Educational Video - Growing Up In The Depression

Since then, my passion is to create more legacy stories of "difference makers" from all walks of life.  

I'm also a Global Blue Ribbon Ambassador through Blue Ribbons Worldwide, and made Chicago into the world's 3rd Blue Ribbon City.  It's a global movement to unite humanity through the power of love.  It's so important to honor those around us.  The Blue Ribbon is a tool to also make a difference in someone's life, and it carries a message in gold letters, "Who I Am Makes A Difference."  See:  Blue Ribbons Worldwide

What we do now makes a difference to the next generation.  Let's give them our best to create a brighter world.  

You make a difference!





Winnetka, IL


June 8

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