What does it take to get your story out to the masses?

You've got to have faith, belief and perseverance to bring your story to life.  Especially when you know that it has a HIgher purpose -- to inspire, empower and transform lives.

I'm excited to share the news that my long-awaited children's picture book, "Adventures In Ecuador:  Diary of a Volunteer" will be published soon.  It's based on our family's volunteer healthcare mission to Ecuador with the nonprofit, Causes for Change International.  Besides the story itself -- of how a young boy's life gets transformed by recognizing his value during a volunteer mission -- there is added value in the closing.  You'll find a Spanish vocabulary list, "Behind the Scenes" information and photos, as well as a page of "super power" affirmations for youth to consider using for their own inner growth.

We only grow by going outside our comfort zone.  Following our hearts.  And taking action on our dreams.   I recommend bringing YOUR story out into the world too.  We need to experience more positive stories.

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