What's Next, Staying Present in Uncertain Times

If you watch the news, you may have concluded that the world is burning down! There is lots of uncertainty around the economy, how we treat each other, and the appearance of hostile divisiveness. Now is the time to step back and remind yourself about the principles you live by every day. What's your "North Star?" What is the thing you were put on planet Earth to do? It is a time to contemplate the vision and mission of the organization you started to make a difference in the world. Does the work you set out to do still need to be done? Are there people who are counting on you? What can you do with what you have right now?

What we focus on expands! Remember what you are grateful for each day. Take time to shout about what you have accomplished from the mountaintops! Always find ways to thank and promote others who have helped you along the way. The best remedy for feeling despair, fear, and being stuck is to find ways to help others. Getting outside of self-reminds us how gifted we truly are! I have found that gratitude has causative power when IU look for it in everyday events, even those that present difficulty! Strength, resilience, and gifts in the form of lessons come from them. You do not need to have all the answers. Simply take time to ask better self-affirming questions. This is what I call "Possibility Engineering!"

What's next for you? What is yours to do right now?

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  • Influencer

    I totally agree with you, Russell!  Whatever we focus on expands... and we all need to be aware of our thoughts so we can stay positive.

    Thank you for sharing your message and being an inspiring light for so many people!


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