Donor Relations: How to Stay In Touch with Donors

Donors give money to create impact – making a difference. Often we only thank them at the time of the donation, but don’t stay in touch, then next year when asking for another donation they find excused to opt-out of giving again. It’s important to have a donor relations person managing a donor relations process through a system, which often includes software – a contact management software. How to you stay in touch with donors? What method (email, US Mail, phone, meetings and visits, etc.)?…

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How to Engage and Inspire Board Members

In my experience, board members are engaged during the strategic planning process, If they think of it, then they will see that it gets done…with one condition, there must be an action plan with 1) Action Item; 2) Champion (Who gets it done); and 3) Action Date (start date, completion date, draft copy date, etc) What are other ways you see to engage board members? What have you tried and worked? and What didn’t work?

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