Volunteering With Causes For Change in Ecuador

How can I capture the life-changing experience of being a volunteer over three summers with Cause For Change International in Ecuador?

In one word -- AMAZING! 

I'm going to publish a children's story -- written from the imagined viewpoint of our son, Andrew, who joined us on this trip.  If you'd like to be a potential sponsor of the book, with your name, logo and shared publicity, let me know.  

My husband, Joel, served as the dentist for hundreds of kids in need -- who had never been to a dentist before!  I was the musical entertainer, playing on a borrowed guitar, singing songs and playing games in the 90+ degree heat while the children waited for their dental exams.  And Andrew taught the kids how to brush their teeth!  They never had a toothbrush before.

When you give, you always receive.  We felt so much love, joy and gratitude.

For those who want to learn more about Causes For Change with Executive Director, Zully Alvarado, visit:  

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