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    You are more than welcome to list me as a Consultant to your business, although my time is often limited and my schedule very full.
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    Hi, Lynn,

    You wrote in the chat today: "I’m thinking it would be good to get a sentence or two about you with your link..."

    You can find a short summary about me on my Synervision Profile. Here is my primary URL: If you want more, you can click on the "About Us" tab.
    Home » Planetary Peace, Power and Prosperity Legacy Foundation, Inc.
    Our Mission To consciously and intentionally use our co-creative power to develop ideas, present solutions, and promote action for the greater good o…
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    And I just saw your May 10th comment below.

    We do TV shows weekly, but I also post inspirational photos and words daily on my Facebook Profile.

    We are already friends.
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    Hi, Lynn,

    In addition to the link that Hugh posted in the chat today, here is the link to the YouTube archived link to the Planetary Peace, Power, and Prosperity TV show I did yesterday with A.J. Goodwin:

    Fascinating information! Fascinating stories, despite some technology challenges.

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    Hi Everyone! Who uses videos consistently to build their exposure, influence and impact? Would you be interested in doing a video challenge, like the one that I'm doing this month -- posting videos at least 3-5 times per week? Let me know.
  • Admin
    Hi Lynn!

    Thank you so much for joining the SynerVision Leadership Community. We are so glad you are here!

    We just launched our page and more members will be joining soon.

    As you are navigating our site, we would love to receive your feedback so that we can continue enhancing the site for you and future members. I can be reached at

    Many Thanks,
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Winnetka, IL


June 8

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