Extracting a tooth in Ecuador

Imagine doing dentistry for hours -- with only your hands -- no electronic equipment!

I give my husband, Joel Sanders, DDS, so much credit for the enormous work he did!

We volunteered for over three summers with Causes For Change International.  In this photo, our son Andrew is watching Joel, holding a flashlight over the young patient's mouth, since there was insufficient lighting.  The mother is in the foreground watching her child.  Two assistants are on either side to help out. 

We worked from early morning until sunset, with just a short break for lunch.  Lines of kids and their families waited outside in the 90+ degree heat.  It was their only chance to see a dentist.  If the child had pain or an abscess, the dental work could save their life.  

Thanks to Executive Director, Zully Alvarado, of Causes For Change International for organizing these trips to help kids in need.


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